A Little Post on the Birkin

Unless you’re living under a rock , you know that the Hermes Birkin (followed by the Hermes Kelly) is the hottest accessory (over all and in the bag category) to have on your arm, in the past few years. I love Birkins and Kellys, not because they’re the hottest this or that, because I’ve seen a few things in recent years that are supposed to be a hot accessory that everyone needs to have in their closet, that I’ve thought was just horrible. I love the craftsmanship and and the materials. (Note: I’m only 18, so of course I don’t own any (though of course I know of a few young people who have access to them because they have very wealthy and generous mothers. I’m thinking of ways to find one, and be adopted by her. I’m eighteen but most people put me at 13, great in some ways, sad in others, but overall I’m not complaining) Anyway, I’ve still a few years under my belt to finish college, get a job, and save money lol. But what I really want to talk about is something that I’ve noticed about the very elusive Birkins and Kellys that I’ve never been able to put into words but that Hanushka of Luxury Marionette (one of my fave blogs) wrote in 2011:

Hermes Birkin = Giant Ponzi Scheme. A Lesson In Supply and Demand

The Hermes Birkin, possibly the most coveted bag in the world.  Our lust only heightened
by its scarceness and prohibitive expense (although many of its fans will be ashamed to admit this latter assertion).
As this bag has been created and tacitly marketed as a status symbol, its price tag of £5500 for a bottom range 35cm Togo leads to ostentatious women dismissively waving their hand in the air and boldly alleging that it’s worth the investment.I do not put myself on a pedestal in making this assertion, for I too, on occasion, have been amongst these women- although conscious of my own delusions.So, for those who justify their statements by reference to the bags scarcity, let me explain why they are deeply mistaken. Provided that their facts were right, their logic would be flawless and they would indeed be correct. However, the problem is that the demand for this bag is artificial.This is because the demand is fuelled by three main things- illusion, delusion and resellers.The brand gives the illusion that the bags are a rarity by keeping them in their store rooms and only selling to regular customers or those who bribe the shop assistants. I know this from loose lipped shop assistants and from personal experience.People are happy to buy into this myth because somewhere inside even the most  modest amongst us feel sufficiently special to deserve something similarly unique. ! A bag thats Special- just like me!

Because people buy into this myth they are willing to pay a premium to own a Birkin and they retail for £7900 with most resellers. This makes it lucrative for individuals that are connected to the brand to slyly buy the bags and sell them on.

Once the market becomes saturated and customers realise that their assumptions are castles built on sand, demand will eventually crack. This is because all markets will eventually reach their efficient equilibrium (even luxury markets) no matter how much third parties try to distort their basic forces.**Reblog over

So like I said I love Hermes Birkins and Kellys, but after reading so many posts from women who truly thinks that these bag are elusive because they really are in short supply, I had to do this post because they were truly annoying me. One thing that has been stated by a few people on places like TPF (The Purse Forum) and other blogs is that Hermes doesn’t need celebrity endorsements (though it’s certainly helped spread the word of the brand), illusion is something that all brands, from soda to fashion, use and need to make sell their product/merchandise. The illusion that you’ll be cool, the illusion that you’ll be special, the illusion that you’re nothing without it, the illusion that it’s one of a kind, the illusion that you’ll be a loser if you don’t have this that or whatever. Hermes is no different in this aspect. They’re just a luxury brand so they give off the illusion that they’re so exclusive, so rare, so this and so that. I happen to think that they’re gorgeous bags, but they’re not any of those other two things. Some also say it’s because they’re hand made, but Chanel bags are also handmade, and they’ve not slowed down in production at all. (Chanel bags are handmade??? you ask. LOL, yes they are in fact hand made though a lot of people don’t know that.) The bags especially the ones made out of any material besides Togo, are just in the back, being held for people who can actually afford to buy them. (Especially seeing as the cost has not risen but shotgunned slash exploded in the past few years). I can also still see some logic. Hermes bags are on a different price level than a bag like Chanel, so why keep a bag that can cost anywhere from seven thousand dollars and upwards out on a shelf for people to drool on or have SAs in the position of going back and forth bringing out bags for people to drool on, but not buy. Just thinking about it, makes me want to tell someone I get my exercise from an elliptical, I don’t need any extra help from you. Resellers (some) are just taking advantage of the ignorance (can’t say that I wouldn’t, apologies lol)
So in conclusion, remember this acronym: IDR: Illusion Delusion and Reseller. Brands create an illusion, customers delusionally buy into those illusions, and resellers just take advantage of those delusions. Love what you love, go after what you want, but don’t be fooled. 🙂 xoxo