The Secret World of Haute Couture

Loved this documentary. The Haute Couture side of fashion, is something we the public rarely, okay never get to see. Unless of course, we’re looking at the pictures of it on Vogue Italia. The only thing I want to say is that someone on the first part of the YouTube videos made the comment that the documentary was trying to make Fashion Week out to be snobby or something. I think this person missed the big idea that the journalist is exploring the world of Haute Couture not the world of Ready-to-Wear! Haute Couture was built on exclusivity and to tell you the truth, I think it would be rather silly to say that it wasn’t built on some snobbishness also. In France, the birth country of Haute Couture, if you wore Haute Couture you were most likely an aristocrat or royalty because those were truly the people who could afford the astronomical prices that the frocks of time past cost. It continues to this day, you may not have to be an aristocrat but you have to be filthy rich. No average Jane which is walking around in six figure frocks, they’re reserved for a select few. We do have to digress a bit, these days there are a lot of wealthy people who don’t want to be known, some who are richer than those who grace the pages of Forbes. When you get to the prices of these dresses it only makes sense that the world of Haute Couture would be a private one, seeing as the people who buy these dresses are private people. Besides Daphne Guiness I don’t know who buys Haute Couture, though I can tell you who makes it. Can you name anyone (not documented in the documentary)?