New Blog!

I’ve started a new blog. I’ll still be using this one but my new blog will be more geared towards my fitness stuff. Here it is.

Frig Inspiration

Do you have a frig that inspires you? No? Well I do. In fact, I have two:

The first and my favorite is the refrigerator of my #Health Inspiration Kimberley Snyder. (For those that don’t know Kimberley Snyder herself is my Health Inspiration. I’ve also done a review of her book which is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I reviewed it here. Plus she’s just so gorgeous, terribly flexible, amazing skin, and a great body that you don’t just get by way of genetics.) It’s just stocked to the hilt with fresh and fruity fruits and vegetables lol. Not to mention that I have no doubts that the majority and most likely all of her veggies and fruits are organic. (BTW food there really is a difference in the flavor of foods grown without pesticides and genetic tampering and whatnot: They have flavor! LOL. My father grows tomatoes in our backyard and as much as I can’t stand tomatoes, when my mother cut one up and I ate it, it was so delicious and juicy and tangy.)

Gorgeous! Lets see if I can name everything in the fridge. Lovely Kale, Lettuce, and Spinach. There’s two types of cabbage, tomatoes, young coconuts, celery, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, pears, alfalfa sprouts, squash, pomegranates, limes, lemons, hemp seeds, coconut water. I believe that’s a cucumber in the bottom right drawer. After that, you can’t see into those bags.

The second is Noelle Twiggs. Her refrigerator is just so cute and besides the fruits and veggies, I love the way she has arranged all of various herbs.

For more frig inspiration, visit Good and Well NYC. Just maybe you’ll find a person that inspires you to put something different and or healthy in your frig. It’s great because the frig look books aren’t done with just vegetarians and vegans but carnivores and omnivores too, lol.

My Fitness Inspiration

My fitness inspiration board/page is finally done and can be found here. To go there just move your mouse over the Fitness tab at the top and two more tabs will drop down, just click on the sub-tab that says Inspiration. All of my inspirations are female bodybuilders, fitness models, fashion models, and professional athletes. I’ve also added my Bucket List which can also be viewed at the top. It’s great to have your goals written down. It makes them so much more tangible.


What I use: USPlabs OxyElitePro


There are plenty of people in the business, personal, both, (otherwise) of health and nutrition who will tell you not to use supplements. As I am not about to be legally responsible for someone else’s health, I will NEVER tell anyone whether or not to use diet pills or anything else that could possibly effect health (and after writing that I will be putting a disclaimer on the right side of my blog). I will say that I do agree with professionals who say to not using diet pills/supplements as a crutch. I do not and will never do that but I do use diet pills, or rather a diet pill. I’ve just started using them so I cannot say anything about weight loss, but they definitely help me with cravings. I do have a sweet tooth, but what I noticed (a long time ago) is that though I eat out of boredom, the biggest problem is that I tend to eat my feelings, which since starting college is stress. Though my weight has gone down, when I went to the docs the last time my weight had an extra 20lbs on it! I felt terrible and I knew immediately that I had been hit with the freshman fifteen +5! So these pills help with that, and will help even more when school starts up. I’m 18 and I take responsibility for my health, I follow all directions, I don’t take extra. I haven’t had any side effects. Most reviews I’ve seen on the bodybuilder site/forum/shop I’m a part of either say they have no or slight side effects when using/going off them. A couple people who used them said they got the jitters, but only a couple people said that. Some said that when they stopped using them they experienced a crashing effect, which I think mostly involved headaches. Most people didn’t have any side effects, the ones who did, didn’t seem to experience anything serious. Majority talked about having a lot of energy which is great. I also do have a lot of energy, which can be a downside when I want to sleep, especially because I’m already a night owl. I also read that you can pee a lot when taking the pill, so you are to drink plenty of water.

USPlabs OxyElite Pro is the only diet pill that I’ve ever used, so I can’t say what could work better or worse. I’m also not into experimenting with different this or that so I’ll most likely never do a post like that. I think this is the only pill I’ll ever use/try.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water is so delicious. This is actually a post that I should’ve done a while ago, because that’s when I opened the coconut lol. At first I was a little put off because the color and smell of the coconut wasn’t exactly the same as the C-water out of my Vita Coco cartons. I looked it up and from what I could see the color of the water varies from coconut to coconut and that the younger it is the less clear it’ll be. My water had a slight brown tint to it, so at first I thought it was a bad coconut, but it actually turned out to be okay. It turns out that pink water from a coconut is what you really have to look out for and that of course if the water/coconut smells stinky, gross, it’s obviously bad and you shouldn’t ingest it. The smell was also a little different, but when I ┬átasted it, it was better than the Vita Coco water. It was so fruity and I think it was sweet. I say think because it just tasted like something that should be sweet but wasn’t sweet, but whatever!!! LOL it was delicious, everyone go get a young coconut, you’ll love it! I’m getting some more as soon as I get out to Wegmans. I also scooped out the meat that’s on the side of the coconut. It’s easier to do this if you cut the coconut in half first. You can eat the meat or use it to make coconut milk.

Sidenote: Also, I have to say when I first tried coconut water, I bought two cartons of Vita Coco (it’s 100% C-water just like ZICO), and it didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t what I expected. I’ve gotten very used to the taste though, it tastes good and I will be continuing to buy it. It’s good that I’m trying new things, I need to try new things, and I have to remember to be open minded and that some things I’m going to like/love right off the bat and some things are more of an acquired taste.