Going’s On

1. Drawing: I’ve been working on my drawing. I’m still a very remedial artist LOL. But I want this to happen. I want to be able to draw my fashion creations. Having my own line of handbags is very important to me. It’s very important to be able to draw what you want to be made before you can send it off to be made. The people making it need a visual lol. I want to be able to draw out the creations that I come up with and I also want to learn how to use photoshop and illustrator. Right now my plan is to draw everyday and go slow and keep going no matter how frustrated I get. I do see that the slower I go the less frustrated that I get.

2. Nursing: Still doing pre-reqs. This semester was hard. My GPA took a MAJOR hit! I’ll be retaking the two classes I’ve done horrible in this semester past. I’ll be retaking one this semester and the other next semester but I’ll be taking three classes in all this semester: re-taking A&P I, Microbiology, and US History II AKA the GPA booster. Then I’ll be re-taking Chemistry the semester after this one coming up along with Statistics and any other classes that’ll boost my GPA. I’m also switching to a campus that is closer to my home so instead of an hour and eighteen minute commute, I’ll have a forty-five minute one by car but hopefully I’ll be having someone to at leas take me to school every morning and pick me up but if not both, I’ll hopefully have someone to at least take me to school in the mornings. Long commutes can be really hard on you. I’ve been doing the hour plus commute for almost two years now and I have to say it’s been dragging me down for A VERY LONG TIME. I love the campus that I’ve been studying on but the commute is a killer and it’s a bus stop on every corner, it ALWAYS crowded, the bus can break down and traffic be congested which makes that commute EVEN LONGER than the HOUR and 18 minutes (which I believe is more like 30 on average) it already is!! I also know that I will be spending more time at the library that is close to my home. I cannot study at my house. My father is a total pain in the ass who is always annoying me. But I do get distracted by my own stuff like surfing the net and reading everything but my textbooks. Anyway, here’s to a better Fall 2013!! I’m going to keep my head up and keep going.

3. Thinking about the future: ALWAYS! And always worrying about it.

College Tour

This is like the second post to the previous one. I’m more about the college tour I took today with my CC. It was so much fun; we visited Stevenson University formerly known as Villa Julie. It was cool driving there, me and my friend Josh were pointing out all the beautiful multi-million dollar homes. [When people think Maryland they automatically think Baltimore City, which has pockets of wealth in some areas, but the state overall is very wealthy. I wanna say especially the counties, but it would be kind of only the counties, really because Maryland is not a big state. We have some cities, and though I haven’t been to all of them, but besides Baltimore, I don’t think the rest are as urban as Baltimore lol. Anyway, the wealthy (millionaires/billionaires) basically live in the counties is the point I’m trying to make, and in really nice houses].

When we arrived to the school, it was just small and fresh and nice and quiet. There are two campuses. The Owings Mills campus and the Greenspring Valley campus which is 15 minutes a part and more into the country. There’s a dining hall on each campus, though the one on the Owings Mills campus is much more exciting (just don’t order Alfredo noodles, they sucked). The dorms are amazing (we didn’t get to see the apartments, not enough time). There’s a MAC room on the Greenspring Campus, the libraries are really great, there are game rooms, a coffee cafe [there’s one on Goucher campus too]. There’s just so much and a lot of stuff that we didn’t even get to see because there wasn’t enough time and we had to go visit Goucher, but it was amazing. One of the student guides said that the parking spots were small, and when we went outside for the actual tour and I saw the parking spots up close and really looked at them, and I have to say they are DAMN small. There was a Mazda parked, and we all know how small they are, it was a little over the line on one side!

The university has really expanded and plans to continue expanding within the next two years when they add new facilities near the Owings Mills campus for the Science and Design schools. One of the guys who works at my school, we’ll just call him C, graduated from Stevenson and as we we were driving to the Greenspring Valley campus we noticed these vacant buildings and our director J said that they reminded him of old mental institutions. To which C replies that they did in fact used to be mental institutions and in fact the school is thinking about buying that. I hope that they do. I would really love to see the school expand in terms of facilities. I hope that they don’t expand in terms of students though. There are so many students like me who are looking for small, tight-knit colleges and universities, Stevenson and Goucher provide that and I hope they continue to. I want Stevenson to be more like Goucher in terms of facilities.

The student guides also talked about how rigorous Stevenson was and I like that. I want to be challenged and I want a great education and I’m willing to put the work in. The school is also very heavy on providing students with skills and know how that are going to ¬†[Goucher is the same way] carry them through their entire working careers, skills that they are going to be able to use no matter what you decide to do because now a days people have many jobs/careers unlike 20/30 years ago when people would work at one job their whole life.

Fun Facts: I learned that the girls outnumber the boys 2.5 to 1 lol. I also learned that the building dedicated to the athletes for their workout and wellness used to be the training center for the Baltimore Ravens.

I really wish I had some pictures to show that I took on the tour but since I don’t here are some pics I found online. The campus is really beautiful:


Goucher of course was amazing. I mean the academics are out of this world and I have to say though it may be expensive, [don’t worry no one pays sticker price] you get what you pay for. There are so many freaking facilities! There’s even a room just for pilates (dancers get to take classes for free)! There’s a dance room, art studios, the library is on humongous, there’s a computer room filled with MACs that use both MAC and PC format and the regular PCs are just on the other side. There’s a stable that houses 35 horses, an outdoor basketball court, an old indoor basketball court for practice and fun, and a new one but we didn’t get to see that. There’s a court inside one of the buildings just for indoor volleyball, tennis courts outside, swimming pool inside, a weight room, and two cardio rooms. Lots of green just to lay on. It’s just a big and beautiful sprawling campus. Once again another a rigorous academic setting.

Here are some pics of the Goucher College Campus:

This is the Anthaneum. It’s one of the newer buildings, it’s really awesome, the floors are made out of recycled materials and the ceilings basically have huge skylights that allow for the lights to be turned off during the day.


Okay so a little rewind is coming. As anyone who reads this blog, and actually keeps up with what I post, knows I go to a community college at the moment. My last posts stated that I was going to apply to the four-years for Fall of 2013. I’ve changed that. I visited two colleges today that I really loved: Stevenson University and Goucher College. I really loved Stevenson University! It was small, close-knit, friendly, and basically my CC on steroids LOL. So I’ve decided to go there. I have however decided to stay at my CC for an extra semester (not including the upcoming Spring semester). I’m still going to major in nursing, but I’m going to double major (that I’ve been going back and forth about since high school); I haven’t decided on the second major yet though. I think it’s going to be something in design.


P.S. I know I was rooting for NYU but I was just completely turned off by the things I was reading about how they’re expanding so much (and unnecessarily). When it comes to schools having great facilities and a few extras for the students and faulty, I’m good with that, but from what I hear of NYU the new stuff they’re adding is not necessary and the students are going to be the ones paying for the costs with their tuition.

P.S.S. If I were going for a traditional liberal arts education I would totally be going to Goucher. It’s a great school, the campus is over 200 acres and had an equestrian program, every sport, 35 horses, etc.

Ode to the 4 Years!

So like I said in my last posts, I was contemplating applying to the four years for Fall 2013, and I just decided to go for it! So here’s the list of colleges I’m applying to:

New York University (NYU)

Notre Dame of Maryland University

McDaniel College

Towson Unversity

Stevenson University

I’m really hoping for NYU!! I’m applying to the nursing programs at all the colleges/universities. Once there I hope to complete a dual BS/MS program, I also want to obtain a degree in Business and study abroad.

Add on

I’m still contemplating whether or not I’m going to apply to the nursing program at my school or transfer to a four year & start it there. I feel I’m gravitating more towards the latter. I’m just scared of rejection. Oh well, I always have my back up schools if so. I think I’m going to go for it!

How’s It Going

Sitting in my Bio 110 class. I’m not completely lost today, but I have to say so far, I’ve been more than a little lost (and yes I know someone’s saying that I probably wouldn’t be lost at all if I were paying attemtion in class and not making posts to my blog, but I asure you, that’s not why I’m lost lol). I need 110, and preferably, a great grade in 110 (because it’s a requirement for the nursing program, which is a really competitive program, and I want my grades to look better than anyone else’s lol), but the class isn’t going as well as I want it to. My teacher isn’t testing on what she’s teaching in the powerpoints. There’s not the least little bit of concentration on or emphasis. I’m holding out hope that this next quiz and test will be better.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited that I’m one more semester and the TEAS away from being able to apply to the program.

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