Love for Loni Jane!

Treasure Trove of Luxury

I love Loni Jane! She’s beautiful, healthy, about to have a baby, and totally and completely inspiring. I’m not a vegetarian, let alone a vegan, let alone a raw vegan, omnivore/paleo BUT I have taken such inspiration from many vegans to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet. Recently she went public with how she turned her life around by becoming a raw vegan and the media completely twisted everything she said like they do with so many others. I hate that so much! I hate when people judge other people’s weight and diets.

We have rolling news these days but the idiot media didn’t take into account that NOTHING happens 24/7 around the world that’s interesting enough to drop what you’re doing and watch the television, so instead they have to sensationalize everything to get a rise out of the public. Then of course the public are complete sheep…

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