Okay so a little rewind is coming. As anyone who reads this blog, and actually keeps up with what I post, knows I go to a community college at the moment. My last posts stated that I was going to apply to the four-years for Fall of 2013. I’ve changed that. I visited two colleges today that I really loved: Stevenson University and Goucher College. I really loved Stevenson University! It was small, close-knit, friendly, and basically my CC on steroids LOL. So I’ve decided to go there. I have however decided to stay at my CC for an extra semester (not including the upcoming Spring semester). I’m still going to major in nursing, but I’m going to double major (that I’ve been going back and forth about since high school); I haven’t decided on the second major yet though. I think it’s going to be something in design.


P.S. I know I was rooting for NYU but I was just completely turned off by the things I was reading about how they’re expanding so much (and unnecessarily). When it comes to schools having great facilities and a few extras for the students and faulty, I’m good with that, but from what I hear of NYU the new stuff they’re adding is not necessary and the students are going to be the ones paying for the costs with their tuition.

P.S.S. If I were going for a traditional liberal arts education I would totally be going to Goucher. It’s a great school, the campus is over 200 acres and had an equestrian program, every sport, 35 horses, etc.

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