Coconut Water

Coconut Water is so delicious. This is actually a post that I should’ve done a while ago, because that’s when I opened the coconut lol. At first I was a little put off because the color and smell of the coconut wasn’t exactly the same as the C-water out of my Vita Coco cartons. I looked it up and from what I could see the color of the water varies from coconut to coconut and that the younger it is the less clear it’ll be. My water had a slight brown tint to it, so at first I thought it was a bad coconut, but it actually turned out to be okay. It turns out that pink water from a coconut is what you really have to look out for and that of course if the water/coconut smells stinky, gross, it’s obviously bad and you shouldn’t ingest it. The smell was also a little different, but when I  tasted it, it was better than the Vita Coco water. It was so fruity and I think it was sweet. I say think because it just tasted like something that should be sweet but wasn’t sweet, but whatever!!! LOL it was delicious, everyone go get a young coconut, you’ll love it! I’m getting some more as soon as I get out to Wegmans. I also scooped out the meat that’s on the side of the coconut. It’s easier to do this if you cut the coconut in half first. You can eat the meat or use it to make coconut milk.

Sidenote: Also, I have to say when I first tried coconut water, I bought two cartons of Vita Coco (it’s 100% C-water just like ZICO), and it didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t what I expected. I’ve gotten very used to the taste though, it tastes good and I will be continuing to buy it. It’s good that I’m trying new things, I need to try new things, and I have to remember to be open minded and that some things I’m going to like/love right off the bat and some things are more of an acquired taste.

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