What’s in a name?

Finding the name of a blog isn’t a life or death situation, I know, lol, but I was having a hard time trying to find a name for my blog that I loved and that screamed me. I guess that’s the hard part for some, not finding a name for the blog, but finding one that says YOU and is available for your use. Before I started using wordpress (which one day I hope to upgrade), I used blogger and I went through so many blog names trying to find one that says me. I had plenty of cute ones but they still didn’t say me.

Eventually I came up with Sholux. Sho is Japanese and it means small. Japanese also happens to be one of my two favorite languages. Lux is short for luxury. Put them both together and you have small luxury. It fits me perfectly because I love Japanese and I love luxury (who doesn’t?) lol but even more it’s a philosophy that I believe in and am striving hard to embody, which is to enjoy the small luxuries of life, that when you think about it are really the biggest and most important luxuries. They can be anything: smiles, time with family, moments with friends, that test you got an A on after studying to the point of alopecia, lol (seriously don’t do that though).

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