I Bobble. Do You?

I recently bought a great water bottle. It’s called Bobble, I’m sure plenty of people have seen them in Walmart, Target, and even GNC (if any of you ever visit the store). Saw them in Walmart a long time ago, but I just recently bought one from GNC a couple of weeks ago. It’s 34fl.oz., reusable, recyclable, and it filters the tap water you put in it. The filter only needs to be changed every two months, and the filters themselves are so cute, and come in so many different colors, from Pink to Blue, I of course have pink as it’s my favorite color. The filter is attached to the drinking spout and that’s the part that comes in different colors and needs to be replaced.

It’s a great water bottle in my honest opinion, I give it five stars. Water bottles are great, great for your health, because as humans who are mostly water, we need water and to have less plastic bottles going into landfills. It’s silly to buy bottled water, I won’t be doing that again, after reading in the Beauty Detox Solution that most bottled water is just tap water that has been filtered. I’m not paying extra for water that I can filter my own self for less money. It’s free of BPA’s, Phthalates, and PVC. Not to mention that this water bottle is just so dang good looking lol. My mom has one too, but with a black drinking spout/filter. The water does come out kind of slow, but I just squeeze the middle of the bottle when I want a little bit more water to come out quickly but it’s not really a big deal.

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