Words to Live By

“Just say no to plastic surgery and botox” – Me

I wish people would just do this already, especially the 20-something year old women (of all races and nationalities!!!). And yes I know there is someone whose going to read these words and say, yes but these things can be great if used correctly and sparingly. Those people would be correct, but those people who practice this seem to be far and few in between. Oh, and the doctors are just disgusting these days, the way that they just ignore the plastic surgery addicts and the men and women whose skin no longer moves when they open their mouths. The majority of plastic surgery is just unneeded (though I begrudge no one their choice to do whatever they want to do with their body as long as they’re doing it for themselves and it truly makes them happy). Big boobs that have to be replaced every year, ears being pinned back because children teased you about them when you were younger, Rhinoplasty because you have a bulbous tip or it doesn’t look like whatever celebrities nose… it’s just unnecessary and not worth it IMO. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my moments. I’ve looked in the mirror and thought my nose was too big (and it has gone down in size lol, my nose has moments where it swells for some reason: nonallergic rhinitis) and thought to myself that I wished it were smaller and thought about looking up the names of some top ethnic rhinoplasty specialist lol, but then I ask myself is it worth it. In the end I don’t think it is. I see so many women who get plastic surgery, and now women are more open about it (cuz you know in the beginning we women just love to keep things hush hush and pretend as if things are really ours, really our hair, really our nose, really our boobs, why do we do that???) so they’ll blog their before and after, and they’ll look okay but then I’ll go through the blog and look at past pictures of them and I’ll think ‘but you looked so pretty before, much prettier, and to be honest (though I never comment), now you look like another generic clone of what Hollywood says is beautiful’. I’d rather stay my original self, because even though every other person may not think that that person is beautiful, I think that she is (as cliched as that is, but I’ve always loved a good cliche) As for botox, I just wish more people acknowledged the key to looking younger or rather not prematurely aging themselves. I mean, this is a little radical, but I have to say not smoking, not drinking (at least excessively) can really help you out in this department. Oh and drinking water, eating less meat, eating less dairy (none preferably), eating more organic fruits and vegetables, heck just eating plain fruits and vegetables, and seriously eating no junk food. Oh and let’s not forget, and this is the most radical of all, exercising. I know, it’s hard to hear but exercising can really help. I’m not trying to beat anyone over the head or be holier than though because even I struggle with these things (diet not smoking/alcohol) but more of us should practice doing these things. Oh and stay off the sun tanning beds and out of the sun, especially if you have on no sunscreen. Here’s where I digress. If you do get botox, please wait until forty at the least, fifty at the most. Please don’t be twenty and pumping yourself full of juvaderm and how run down can you really be at thirty??? Anyway, seriously enough of the botox and surgeries, even if you don’t practice any of the things I’ve listed. Let’s face it, a million wrinkles are more aesthetically appealing than botox barbie, no moving skin (don’t let any fake Hollywood person any other (fake) person who thinks they wrote the book on what’s hot and who’s hot, tell you any different). The only people that can rock that are Barbies, Bratz, and Babydolls, oh and wait, they aren’t people.

(Note: To anyone wondering the difference between ethnic rhinoplasty and just plain ole’ rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty is still a nose job, but it’s a step further for people of color (African-American, Asian, and Hispanics mostly) to get whatever they want done to their nose yet not have their ethnic characteristics diminished.)

P.S. I don’t care if I’m the billionth person to have stated this lol.

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