My Fitness Inspiration

My fitness inspiration board/page is finally done and can be found here. To go there just move your mouse over the Fitness tab at the top and two more tabs will drop down, just click on the sub-tab that says Inspiration. All of my inspirations are female bodybuilders, fitness models, fashion models, and professional athletes. I’ve also added my Bucket List which can also be viewed at the top. It’s great to have your goals written down. It makes them so much more tangible.


What I use: USPlabs OxyElitePro


There are plenty of people in the business, personal, both, (otherwise) of health and nutrition who will tell you not to use supplements. As I am not about to be legally responsible for someone else’s health, I will NEVER tell anyone whether or not to use diet pills or anything else that could possibly effect health (and after writing that I will be putting a disclaimer on the right side of my blog). I will say that I do agree with professionals who say to not using diet pills/supplements as a crutch. I do not and will never do that but I do use diet pills, or rather a diet pill. I’ve just started using them so I cannot say anything about weight loss, but they definitely help me with cravings. I do have a sweet tooth, but what I noticed (a long time ago) is that though I eat out of boredom, the biggest problem is that I tend to eat my feelings, which since starting college is stress. Though my weight has gone down, when I went to the docs the last time my weight had an extra 20lbs on it! I felt terrible and I knew immediately that I had been hit with the freshman fifteen +5! So these pills help with that, and will help even more when school starts up. I’m 18 and I take responsibility for my health, I follow all directions, I don’t take extra. I haven’t had any side effects. Most reviews I’ve seen on the bodybuilder site/forum/shop I’m a part of either say they have no or slight side effects when using/going off them. A couple people who used them said they got the jitters, but only a couple people said that. Some said that when they stopped using them they experienced a crashing effect, which I think mostly involved headaches. Most people didn’t have any side effects, the ones who did, didn’t seem to experience anything serious. Majority talked about having a lot of energy which is great. I also do have a lot of energy, which can be a downside when I want to sleep, especially because I’m already a night owl. I also read that you can pee a lot when taking the pill, so you are to drink plenty of water.

USPlabs OxyElite Pro is the only diet pill that I’ve ever used, so I can’t say what could work better or worse. I’m also not into experimenting with different this or that so I’ll most likely never do a post like that. I think this is the only pill I’ll ever use/try.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water is so delicious. This is actually a post that I should’ve done a while ago, because that’s when I opened the coconut lol. At first I was a little put off because the color and smell of the coconut wasn’t exactly the same as the C-water out of my Vita Coco cartons. I looked it up and from what I could see the color of the water varies from coconut to coconut and that the younger it is the less clear it’ll be. My water had a slight brown tint to it, so at first I thought it was a bad coconut, but it actually turned out to be okay. It turns out that pink water from a coconut is what you really have to look out for and that of course if the water/coconut smells stinky, gross, it’s obviously bad and you shouldn’t ingest it. The smell was also a little different, but when I  tasted it, it was better than the Vita Coco water. It was so fruity and I think it was sweet. I say think because it just tasted like something that should be sweet but wasn’t sweet, but whatever!!! LOL it was delicious, everyone go get a young coconut, you’ll love it! I’m getting some more as soon as I get out to Wegmans. I also scooped out the meat that’s on the side of the coconut. It’s easier to do this if you cut the coconut in half first. You can eat the meat or use it to make coconut milk.

Sidenote: Also, I have to say when I first tried coconut water, I bought two cartons of Vita Coco (it’s 100% C-water just like ZICO), and it didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t what I expected. I’ve gotten very used to the taste though, it tastes good and I will be continuing to buy it. It’s good that I’m trying new things, I need to try new things, and I have to remember to be open minded and that some things I’m going to like/love right off the bat and some things are more of an acquired taste.

Get Fit!

I’m a P90Xer. I bought my DVDs last summer, and I used them, but it was late in the summer and then school re-started and I got distracted. This summer I’ve been trying to get back on my health kick. It hasn’t been easy and my diet hasn’t been perfect, but I think I’ve done pretty well. I like Tony Horton, I LOVE that the people who exercise with him are people who have actually done the program and aren’t professionals. Don’t let anyone fool you, these DVDs are very DO-ABLE, you just need endurance and commitment. I think the hardest ones are actually the Plyometrics and Yoga and stuff because stretching is hard, flexibility is one of the hardest things to obtain.

I’ve also used Tracy Anderson DVD’s before. I will admit that I didn’t commit to using them everyday or at least a couple times a week, so that was my fault. They were great though, I have to say. I’d recommend them to anyone to use. I know it gets on some trainers and bodybuilders nerves that she talks about using small weights so that you don’t bulk up. But let’s face it women don’t give a shit about that. Women (and men) give a shit about what works for them and it cannot be denied that the Tracy Anderson Method works. She makes it look so easy, but I’ll let you know that it’s hard and it hurts lol but is TOTALLY DO-ABLE! What makes the workout hard is that it’s really A LOT of stretching and it’s using your own body weight as your workout tool, and once again flexibility is just so hard to obtain. I also love that she’s so short. The last time I went to the docs, I topped the height chart at 5’2″ LOL, which for me was a mile stone. You have no idea how much time I spent praying to make it to 5’4″. The nurse said I still had more time to grow. So I could make it to 5’4″, but if I don’t it’s not the end of the world, either way I’ll still be a shortie, but I’m okay with that, I love myself for who I am. But Tracy shows that you don’t have to be 6’whatever” to look hot! I will definitely be getting her new line of DVDs (as soon as I save up some money lol).

Zumba is one that I haven’t tried yet, but has worked for so many people, is kick ass and it’s fun. It’s definitely on my list to buy. When I’ve bought it and used it, I’ll give my own review. But I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

Lastly, having done the Tracy Anderson Method, I know that people say with the Tracy Anderson Method that she doesn’t give any ques as to when she’s going to change exercises in her first set of DVD’s. In her new ones, I haven’t heard those same complaints, so maybe she’s corrected that. I for one don’t care I’m okay with just going with the flow and she doesn’t go crazy fast so I wasn’t really bothered. I also LOVE that with P90X and the Tracy Anderson Method, there isn’t any of that old school 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s, skinny woman/muscular man, in the video, hype as shit, screaming at  you that “You can do it! You can do it! Only 10 more to go!” I hate that crap, there is encouragement, Tony definitely gives encouragement, he’s excited but it’s not over the top for no reason, and he and Tracy definitely underline, doing YOUR best and doing it in your own time, and it being okay if you can’t completely keep up, or do the exercises the exact way that they’re doing it.

There are a lot of good workout DVDs and plans out there, though these are my favorite, but it’s more about having endurance and commitment.

Workout equipment: I use small dumbbells and I have three different resistance bands: red, blue, and green.

Give me that closet, Check out that closet, I … want .. that … closet.

*said in the voice of that commercial for the Bod male fragrance spray* (If you still don’t know then:

You may not be in love with her style, but I’ve yet to see anyone’s closet top hers. It’s all so gorgeous, professional, and boutique-y. There’s a room just for shoes, just for clothes, and just for lingerie, and I’m going to include the salon in this too; you need make up and hair to go a long with your great outfits and cute accessories. The rest of her apartment is fabulous too, she may not be a style icon but she’s got great taste when it comes to interior design, a killer shoe collection, and great accessories (love her jewelry).

The top pic is of her closet, it’s a shot of the other end of the closet depicted above.

What’s in a name?

Finding the name of a blog isn’t a life or death situation, I know, lol, but I was having a hard time trying to find a name for my blog that I loved and that screamed me. I guess that’s the hard part for some, not finding a name for the blog, but finding one that says YOU and is available for your use. Before I started using wordpress (which one day I hope to upgrade), I used blogger and I went through so many blog names trying to find one that says me. I had plenty of cute ones but they still didn’t say me.

Eventually I came up with Sholux. Sho is Japanese and it means small. Japanese also happens to be one of my two favorite languages. Lux is short for luxury. Put them both together and you have small luxury. It fits me perfectly because I love Japanese and I love luxury (who doesn’t?) lol but even more it’s a philosophy that I believe in and am striving hard to embody, which is to enjoy the small luxuries of life, that when you think about it are really the biggest and most important luxuries. They can be anything: smiles, time with family, moments with friends, that test you got an A on after studying to the point of alopecia, lol (seriously don’t do that though).